Benefits for Transmission Companies

The Tres Amigas SuperStation will serve as the nation's first renewable energy market hub. Transmission companies and electric utilities will be able to connect to the SuperStation and purchase power from and sell power to each of the three U.S. power grids.

Benefits for Renewable Energy Producers

Wind, solar and geothermal power producers today are facing a number of obstacles. According to the 2009 Western Electricity Coordinating Council's (WECC) Regional Assessment, a lack of available transmission resources has been the biggest limiting factor in the development of renewable resources in much of the Western United States.

By creating a market hub for renewable power, the Tres Amigas SuperStation will increase the incentive to build new transmission infrastructure in America's three power grids therby enabling green energy producers to reach multiple national markets. For example, wind farms operating within the Texas Interconnection could feed into the Tres Amigas SuperStation and export their power to California in the Western Interconnection and Chicago in the Eastern Interconnection, wherever the renewable energy is needed.

Benefits for America

According to the U.S. Department of Energy's Energy Information Association, America's installed generation capacity of wind, solar and geothermal power in 2009 nearly 39,000 megawatts (39 gigawatts), account for less than 4 percent of the country's electricity supply.

By providing access to all three of the nation's power grids, the Tres Amigas SuperStation will help America unlock its wind, solar and geothermal assets, meet its renewable energy targets, create new green jobs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.